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201024 * Cyberspace Racing Team (CRT)

A site that needs little or no remarks. A very elegant and beautiful home page, nice photographs (that as you go on following links they become more and more beautiful), friendly interface, just the right organization and great depth. Even if you are not interested in hors track, horses, ownership and their care, even if you have nothing to do with the subject will enchant you anyway with its quality and completeness. The team of this page's creators have really done an outstanding work in every aspect. Even on subjects of limited interested ( statistics, or buying and selling horses) they have given the data in a very user friendly way, while the animated clips of races between different horses and the sounds that can be heard out of the blue gives us very successfully the sense of being on a horse track. It's the kind of site that Bukowski would appreciate but its a site that it is certain to move every single one of you.

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