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[Logo] The Cyberspace Racing Team is a group of over 40 internet users who are racing fans and aspiring owners from all over the US and Canada who have formed a partnership. Our managing partner is Toni Richardson and without her knowlege and hard work would not have become a reality. Our west coast trainer is Phil Oviedo. Our east coast trainer is Linda Albert. Both are dedicated trainers who have the welfare of their horses as first priority.

CRT was designed to give the average person a chance to get into ownership with a limited investment. Read this note from Toni if you would like to learn more about CRT and get information on how to join us in the east or west.

[horses breaking from the gate] On 12/8/95, a local Phoenix CBS station did a short TV news spot on CRT that has been picked up by stations across the country (well Colorado, Maryland, and Washington DC that we know of). Really well done and worth the download time. (Quicktime format, 10Mb)
[Enliven Kleven] Enliven Kleven
Stabled now at Pleasanton and broke his maiden race on 6/13 at Stockton. Ran second by a head in a nailbiter at Solano. Races next on Thursday at Santa Rosa.

Race calls now available in Real Audio.

[Snow Pack] Snow Pack
Stabled now at Pleasanton and ran into lots of trouble in her last start. Ran second at Solano. Races next on Friday at Santa Rosa.

Race calls now available in Real Audio.

[Brilliant Display] Brilliant Display, our East Coast horse, just missed by a nose at Laurel Sunday. Didn't handle the heat and humidity well Sunday at Delaware.

Race calls now available in Real Audio.

[Mr. Baldini]Mr. Baldini
Stabled now at Pleasanton and won Sunday (6/23) in the 7th race at Stockton! Ran fifthat Solano.

Race calls now available in Real Audio.

[Swiss Watch]Swiss Watch
Won impressively at Prescott on 6/28. Ran a good fifth in her next at Prescott.

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Review their breeding on Albin Warth's Pedigree Page: Snow Pack, Enliven Kleven, Brilliant Display, Mr. Baldini, Swiss Watch

[*]Check out the CRT Other Racing Links page for one of the most complete list of horse racing related links on the web.
Get more information: [The CRT partners] [The CRT silks] [Articles about CRT] Original Portraits: [Snow Pack #1] [Snow Pack #2]

[Snow Pack in the winner's circle] See Snow Pack in the winner's circle! (Quicktime format, 4.9MB)
[thumbnail of the wallpaper]Cool CRT wallpaper bitmap files featuring all the CRT horses
Check the individual races for other videos and Real Audio race calls for Snow Pack and Enliven Kleven. Quicktime is available here.

Feel free to send e-mail to all the partners if you have a comment on or question about CRT

Author of the web page and painter of the portraits is partner Cindy Pierson, please report any errors. She also has the Racing Memorabilia Pages that you may want to check out.

There is another internet based racing partnership called Virtual Owners Partnership or VOP that races only in Chicago. Check out their homepage too.

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