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May 24, 1996

How can you physically stand behind your mother while she is standing behind you?

Check back tomorrow for the answer to today's puzzle and a new brainteaser!!

Answer to yesterday's puzzle:

Q: Two people walk out of a movie theatre and get into their car. As they were driving home, the person in the passenger seat got into an argument with someone driving by in another car and shot him dead. During the trial, the driver was asked to testify...but she responded, "I can't." The judge says, "You are right." Why did the driver not have to testify?

A: The two people were husband and wife and are therefore not obligated to testify against one another.

A note from the Webprincess - Our sources told us the correct answer to yesterday's puzzle was because they are Siamease twins. Making one testify against the other would essentially be self-incriminating since they ARE one. I thought that was a silly answer, so I'm making your answer the correct one! Thanks for all the E-mail's!

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