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204007 * Chinook

Chess might take all the fame and glory abd the easily irritated champions, but checkers sti.ll reigns, since it is easier to learn and a game in which you can become a master in no time. But do not restrain yourself only to that. Run chinook, the program of the world tournament of checkers. The chinook database consists of 443 (!!!) analyses for all ocassions, even on the case that you wish to throw your pieces on the floor! Don't boudt about it. Chinook is not justa web game that will entertain you. It is the fruit of many years of work from a reasearch team of the Alberta University. You may have to wait a bit till you play with it because it allows one player at a time to play, but while you wait you can visit its library that consists of a huge amount of links and information for the checkers fans all around the world.

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