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239003 * The Big Bend

For all those who spent a fabulous summer in Atlanta watching the Olympic or on their balcony or enjoying some exotic beach somewhere around the world but also to those that spent there summer wondering sun burnt on some island, Rio Grande opens up its green embrace, dusting the canyons and its valleys and awaits in a beautiful site with magnificent photographs and user friendly environment. Very good presentation, huge but very well organized bulk of informationand very accurate maps of the region wil lgive you a general idea of the area, before you proceed to the main course and visit Big Bend tiself, the national park of the region. Ther, you can wander on the green paths, to get informed on how big the area is, on its flora or on its animals, or, to get informed on its history and traditions and to visit the Indian shelters existing there. If all these are not enough then run to the page with the observatory McKinley and enjoy the Texan sky through many 3D photographs that you can find there.

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