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257004 * American Indian Computer Art Project

Turtle Heart, an Objibway artist in the Mojave Desert (and host of this site), tells us he has become a "scout" for the Internet. Traditionally, a tribe's scout was sent out to watch for important natural "signs" -- some good, some not so good -- and report back to the Chief. The scout is an important member of the tribe, for he or she must be unusually perceptive, and able to decipher and interpret the unknown. He must also be a messenger, and here Turtle Heart shares Native poetry, prose and song, while scouting for signs of Native life in the cyber world. Further explorations in the digital gallery reveal a stunning partnership between historical imagery and new art forms, bridging the gap between past and present. "We are the people of the ancient ones," writes the artist, "of the stars and the seasons of time, root and feather, and beyond." A most gratifying and enlightening stop.
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