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252039 * The Polyester Network

Try as we might, we can't seem to shake our nostalgia for the decade that brought us Watergate, the Village People, hot pants, and "Saturday Night Fever." And thanks to The Polyester Network, the 70s are bigger (and somehow better) than ever. Click on 70s Charts, and you're reminded that in 1978 "Grease" was the word at the box office, and the average movie ticket price was just over $2. Timeline lets you know that in 1970 National Guard troops were called to Kent State University, and in 1975, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, and "Jaws" scared everyone out of the water and into the theaters. For those who really take their '70s seriously, there's the Retro Yard Sale, where you can order everything from hats to lunchboxes. So pull on your hip-huggers, blow dry your hair and boogie on over to this super cool site. Oh, and have a nice day.
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