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252032 * The Classic Typewriter Page

‘ypists will delight in the key-tapping pleasures of The Classic Typewriter Page,tribute to the marvelous mechanical writing machine, that has been all but whited-out by the advent of the word processor. The site, by Richard Polt, features a Typewriter of the Month (in English and in German!), a history of typewriters, a tribute Remington Portables, and typewriter classifieds and other resources for collectors. Polt also features a page on his own collection, including images and descriptions of machines such as the New Franklin (1896) -- "downstroke from the front, curved keyboard." He even plays the poltergeist card with coverage of a possibly haunted typewriter in Provincetown, Massachusetts. And for those who don't know their platen knob from their ribbon vibrator, there's a charming Typewriter Parts diagram. Luddites and other old-fashioned anti-technologists will want to give this delightful site at least a blue ribbon.
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