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248052 * Archie McPhee

Éf the folks at Archie McPhee had their way, there'd be a rubber chicken in every pot. If you're looking for an endless array of useless-but-cool stuff - say, punching nun puppets, a walking Godzilla toy that spits sparks (Sparkzilla), voodoo dolls, miniature Easter Island heads, fake gargoyles - well, you've come to the right place. Along with the often ultra-dumb offerings, the site carries over the funky sensibilities from the paper catalog, with giddy product photos and wickedly amusing descriptions. To wit, re. The Invasion of the Monster Women miniature figures set, "In the labryinth of our basement laboratory the maniacal laughter of a deranged McPhee scientist echoed. How were we to know that beneath our feet he was creating a battalion of terrifying and strangely pleasant monster women?" Fans of shows like Mystery Science Theater will feel right at home here. Archie McPhee: Because a home can never have too many gargoyles.
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