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Now you can skip the exhibits and go straight to the souvenir shop that fronts for a pair of Canada's national museums. Cyberboutique is full of goodies based on the exhibits you'll find in the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum outside of Ottawa, Canada's capital. The people behind the site say they think they're the first museum to offer online shopping on the Web. Visitors can fill their virtual shopping carts with Maya T-shirts (promoting a National Film Board IMAX movie, Mystery of the Maya) or wristwatches bearing the same pattern Alex Janvier, a Tchippewayan artist from northern Alberta, painted on a museum ceiling. From the military museum comes a Kodak PhotoCD of 175 posters urging Canadian women to "Back the Attack" by chipping in on the Second World War effort. Even if you don't buy, this site is worth the visit just to browse.
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