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232011 * The blind dead have risen

Taking the house-under-siege elements of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Amando de Ossorio created a compelling original mythos, embedded in European history and landscape, which managed to spawn four films of differing strengths. chilling, atmospheric nail-bitter that is ultimately sombre and haunting in its savage nihilism. From the first shots of the abandoned ruins that once housed the nefarious acts and bloodstained rituals of the medieval religious sect known as the Templar Knights to the shocking freeze-frame sequence that ends the film, we are aware of being in the hands of a talented master of the macabre who guides us through a communal ritual of mounting fear, stylish brutality and demonic, existential destruction. Here, you can also read about "The Night of the Seagulls". Set in the Middle Ages when the Templars were still not damned with being undead, this beginning sequence effectively shows that whether alive or dead the Templars can send the fear of God--or rather, the Devil--into one's soul.
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