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225013 * The spleen

This site doesn't merely display the artwork of Piotr Szyhalski, a faculty member of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design; it is a work of art, and it looks to be a painstakingly created one, too. An elaborate set of viewing instructions asks you to turn off link underlines, set your screen to a specific size and download Netscape for optimal results. These and a few other tasks completed, visitors may proceed to the Spleen's Inward Vessels, a series of text and image collages with oddly enigmatic introductions: Electric Posters, for example, promises "easy-to-follow words, show-how pictures and can't go wrong projects" for "you and your family's living pleasure!" The Posters turn out to be a series of understated images with weird, postmodern injunctions attatched: "Every night when you lie down to sleep/think of all the people/who have hurt and mistreated you, or whom you do not like/and never forget it!" Lots to explore at this arty, entertaining site.
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