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217033 * Scream II

One of the best and most unique things about this sequel is how much respect it has for its characters. There was a lot of development and the movie shows us how much they've changed by their experiences in the original Scream. Some people may think the film dragged because of this, but I think it was interesting and entertaining. As for Stab, I thought it was outrageous. You couldn't help but laugh how overdone it was. Heather Graham (in a really, really fake wig) alone in the house, taking a shower while there's a lightning storm outside is a real generic look at slasher films. It's really funny! And I'm also glad Tori Spelling got to join the cast in poking fun at the genre. Even though she got dissed in the original, she still contributed to the movie by making a cameo so that it would fit in Neve Campbell's tongue-in-cheek joke. I thought that was cool of her.
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