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217032 * Bond 18 Tomorrow Never Dies

A British Naval frigate is lost inside Chinese territorial waters. In one of the most potentially explosive incidents of the late 20th century, international tensions soar. The slightest wrong move could bring devastation all over the globe. Elliot Carver could not have planned a better way to boost ratings and secure new m for his global satellite television network. In fact, Carver -- who prefers to create the news rather than report it -- is in possession of the vital navigational instrument that triggered the incident. And he's not giving it back. If tensions should escalate to all-out war, ratings would go through the roof. Carver's global daily paper and satellite television system would make him the ultimate media overlord for the new millennium. Unfortunately for Carver, someone is watching. Despite all his shadowy maneuverings, only one man is capable of stopping this deviant plot and change the course of history in the name of profit and power. His name? Bond. James Bond.
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