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212043 * Alien Ale (Ρεψίματα από το Υπερπέραν)

For 50 years, the U.S. Government has guarded a Top Secret conspiracy to cover up the 1947 UFO incident near Roswell, New Mexico. High-powered radar in that region interfered with an alien craft and caused it to crash. The U.S. Military secretly transported the damaged craft and three alien bodies to a remote air base called Area 51.The craft was repairable but required a special eco-friendly fuel. The government, afraid of the public's reaction to the controversial event, made an agreement with the aliens to fund development and production of a non-toxic fuel providing the aliens kept this secret. For years, the aliens have worked 10 levels underground, trying to use earthly elements to formulate this fuel. Unfortunately, recent congressional budget cuts have now abolished the funding of this program.
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