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A good toy can be a parent's best friend: it can distract a fussy baby, encourage development of motor skills, and stimulate a young mind. What's best to keep the youngest kids happily (and safely) entertained? Read on: 0 to 6 months: New babies don't see colors well yet, so black and white images are the most stimulating. A black and white mobile, hung out of reach of your baby, will give her something to ponder. And with your supervision, you can lower the mobile to let your baby practice hand/eye coordination as she jabs at the mobile. There may not be many direct hits, but she's learning. Babies learning how to use their hands will also love to practice their grip on rubber or plastic rings. Be sure the rings are too big to fit in baby's mouth. Once she learns how to hold on, small blocks of contrasting colors--small enough for her to pick up, but too big to fit in her mouth--will help with ever-increasing reach-and-grab skills. And any toys that squeeze or squeal, preferably ones covered in fabric as opposed to rubber or plastic, give baby a variety of sensations.
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