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199012 * The Wall Street Journal interactive edition

It may lack the grit of the Wall Street Journal, but this site created by the legendary financial newspaper has a leg up on its tree-based parent. Money and Investing Update bills itself as the Net's premier source of financial news and analysis, and it doesn't disappoint. At any time during the business day, you can log into this service and get articles analyzing the latest swings of today's trading, beating tomorrow's Wall Street Journal by a mile. You also get material from The Asian Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe, and Dow Jones newswires sprinkled in for valuable international connections. What's the catch? You have to subscribe. But for the moment, subscribing is free and relatively painless (if you can remember still another password). We only wish it would allow instant stock quotes, but given the resources of the Journal, this is probably just a matter of time. If you must, you can even print the pages and tuck them under your arm for that Wall Street Journal look.
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