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Here's the "How to Buy Classical Music CDs 101" class that you never had. The bad news: "The diversity, complexity, and even the mystique of classical music can be rather intimidating." The good news: "You can enjoy what you're hearing without knowing exactly why." Author Dave Lampson (an Oklahoma trumpet player who gave up performance for nuclear engineering and mathematics) will help you understand why you like what you're hearing, and much more. If you don't know Schubert from shinola, you will learn here that most classical pieces fall into four basic categories: orchestral, chamber, keyboard, and vocal. (And we thought they were pretty, ugly, creepy, and the William Tell Overture.) Lampson recommends boatloads of recordings based on first-hand experience and availability. He won't send you on a hunt through flea-market bins, however: "If it isn't out on CD, it isn't available."
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