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169071 * Sylvester Stallone Home Page

I mean we're talking about the, no, I mean THE, greatest actor/ director/ writer/ all-American legend of all time! Throughout Rocky, "Stallone is funny, immensely likable, and so consistently monolithic that his acting ability is difficult to assess: at times he seems to be giving not so much a full performance as a brilliant monologue. By the time the heavyweight bout takes place, "Rocky" has become completely engaging. The climatic fight sequence, carefully choreographed by Stallone (who reportedly modeled his stolid boxing style on Rocky Marciano's), is brutal and breathtaking, a series of cinematic body blows guaranteed to reduce even the most skeptical observer to a quivering fan, "Rocky" isn't really a movie about sports, but it works on the visceral level of a good sports event, generating blissfully uncomplicated excitement.". If you really believe any of the above and want to read more about Sly, here is the place to do so.
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