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169070 * The official Marilyn Monroe homepage

Dazzling, Seductive, Extraordinary. Marilyn Monroe was the All-American sex goddess, a superstar legend with magnetic energy so strong she captured the world at her heels with her woman-child charm. Marilyn wasn’t the first platinum blonde to strike it big in Hollywood, but she had a glow and energy that was unmatched by any other personality. The voluptuous curves of her body and wide-eyed girlish giggles dominated every presence, as did her later rapturous pose of half-lidded eyes and a mega-smile that dripped with seduction for every camera to see. Her movies planted the characters she would learn to live by throughout her career; her on-screen roles paralleled the role she played off-screen. From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1953 to Some Like It Hot in 1959, Marilyn was the silver screen diva of desire. While her life began rather simply as Norma Jean Baker, modeling in her late teens proved that she had a face cameras loved. Her entire being lived for the lens, and her acting skills were much more proficient than one might have guessed for a woman with so much appeal. Read everything about the legend in the official site.
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