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167059 * Pet cemetery

To wildlife everywhere. Let's face it, it's not just humans who can recognize a good web site. It's our friends in the animal kingdom, too, and they would certainly give a big bark, meow, bleat, and whinny out to Roadside America Pet Cemetery. It's a loving look at the many grand pet tributes that lie scattered across the American highways. So, here's to the animals. Here's to the noble dogs like Old Shep, the "patient pooch" who was perhaps a little too fond of trains. Here's to the horses like Comanche, "the only living thing that the U.S. cavalry got back from the Battle of Little Big Horn." And finally, here's to Old Rip, the Horned Toad, who lived for 31 years trapped under the cornerstone of the old courthouse in Eastland, Texas. His story best captures the spirit behind this site: our pets may croak, but their memories will forever remain.
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