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165008 * EU Basics FAQ

This file contains a list of basic questions and answers about the European Union, edited by Roland Siebelink with the help from Bart Schelfhout. The web space from which these files are served are provided courtesy of Allmansland/De Schutter Digital Media , the company I work for. However, I am the only person responsible for the contents of this list, either as writer or as editor of contributions sent to me. Therefore, information mentioned in this file does not necessarily reflect the opinion of my company. Also, there is no official relationship whatsoever with the European Commission, the European Parliament or any other official or unofficial European institution. Please note that although I try to ensure that everything mentioned in this file is correct or, alternatively, clearly labeled as a personal opinion or note from me or one of the contributors, there is no guarantee as to the accurateness let alone objectivity of this file. If you think information is incorrect or missing, send me corrections/additions/comments and I will include them and your name in this list.
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