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157065 * Welcome to the Foundation of the Hellenic World

The Foundation of the Hellenic World is a privately founded, non-profit cultural institution, based in Athens, Greece. Its mission is to study and present Hellenic history and culture in its diachronic entity, across the entire geographical span of its historical presence, including modern Greek communities abroad. The Foundation plans to create an innovating Cultural Center and Museum, making full use of information technology, interpretive exhibition and modern approach to communication and education, in order to offer the public a wide range of interactive and learning experiences. It will be based on an electronic depository of historical information, developed through a concerted effort to salvage and preserve a wide variety of visual, audiovisual and textual data on the life of Hellenic communities, from prehistory to the present. This effort will help to promote understanding of the past, especially by younger generations, both in Greece and abroad. The Museum will be situated in Athens, and it is scheduled to open to the public around the turn of the century. "must" stop for all those people that -despite the fact that they may not be of Greek origin- feel like Hellenes.
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