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134023 * The US Lawn Mower Racing Association Page

It all began on April Fools day in 1992. Gerry Smith, Vice-President of Marketing for Chicago-based Gold Eagle Co. makers of STA-BILŪ Fuel Stabilizer, brought lawn mower racing to the United States after visiting our friends with the British Lawn Mower Association in England. He thought lawn mower racing would be an interesting product promotion for STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer. Since then, STA-BIL Nationals has grown from one race to 12 STA-BIL Regional Races across the country. Also, in 1992 The Dixie Chopper Jet, The World's Fastest Lawn Mower, was named as the Official Pace Mower. Later, in 1993, the mower was featured on Home Improvement season finale! The STA-BIL Nationals have been featured in numerous television news shows and magazines. The 1995 Nationals were featured on Inside Edition as well as their own 30-minute Prime/Sports ChannelTV show. An estimated 60 million households were reached by the Prime/Sports Channel network.
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