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119016 * Country houses in Greece

Trifiliaki L.td. has been operating in this area for 20 years. Their major areas are surveying, building and landscaping in the sectors of housing and tourism ( hotels, camp sites and bungalows ). Their major projects in surveying and building have surpassed the number of 500. During the last ten years they are actively occupied in the production of country homes. They build on their lots or your lots and all you have to do is pick up the key and move in. The company, today, consists of trustworthy staff : architects, civil engineers, syrveyors, legal consultants, notary - publics, accountants, as well as experienced stall in building requirements. It would be an omission not to say that they can communicate in German, Italian and English as well. This grouping enables them to fulfill the needs and give solutions. Also they handle all the problems for every foreinger who wants to have a holiday house in Peloponissos. Not bad at all, eh?
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