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Masculinity and Representation

Essays and articles

Essays and Articles:

Chauvel and the centring of the Aboriginal male in Australian film
-- Colin Johnson [Mudrooroo Nyoongar]
Continuum V1 N1 1987

 Cyborgasm: machines and male hysteria -- Marj Kibby
Journal of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies V1 N2 September 1996:139-145

Holy Homosexuality Batman!: camp and corporate capitalism in Batman Forever -- Freya Johnson
Bad Subjects Issue#23 December 1995

Iron Pig! -- Walker Feinlein
Certified Male Autumn 1996

Marketing masculinity in Jean-Claude Van Damme's Universal Soldier
-- Jeff Akeley
Bad Subjects Issue #16 October 1994

Revolting yet conserved: family noir in Blue Velvet and Terminator 2 -- Fred Pfeil
Postmodern Culture V2 N3 May

Bringing the wildman back home: television and the politics of masculinity
-- Charmaine McEachern
Continuum: the Australian Journal of Media and Culture V7 N2 1994

Masculinity in television commercials: searching for the new boy
-- David Schwindt

>"Black Male": an imaginary dialogue on the consequences of images -- Betty Brown

Black masculinity and visual culture
-- Herman Gray

>The construction of 'black' masculinity in the mainstream media -- Jenny Collett
Feminist Studies in Aotearoa Electronic Journal N42 1995

In one ear and out the other: unmasking masculinities in the Caribbean classroom -- Odette Parry
Sociological Research Online V1 N2

 The representation of the black male in film -- Christopher Miller

Masculinity in sports and advertising -- Jussi-Pekka Kekki

 Men, the media and sporting heroes -- Jim McKay
XY: men sex politics V6 N2 Winter 1996

>Televised rugby and male violence -- Lynne Star
Feminist Studies in Aotearoa Electronic Journal N25 1994 FMST/FMST25.4.html

Cybersex : extensions of men -- Tanya Wagner
Mediatribe V4 N1 Spring 1994

Explicit instruction: gay male pornography in the college classroom
-- Earl Jackson, Jr

 Homosexuality and Narrative -- Dennis W Allen
Modern Fiction Studies V41 n3-4 1995:609-634

Images of men: male sexuality in sexual health leaflets and posters for young people -- C Jewitt
Sociological Research Online V2 N2 1997

 Masculinity, femininity and sexual attractiveness -- Kurt Ernulf & Sune Innala

Reading Arena's sex issue: the represented male body -- Anne Kauram?ki

 >Studying sexual images -- Chuck Kleinhans
Jump Cut N40 March 1996

Five white guys sitting around talking -- Sean Heron, David Keiser, Eric Rofes, Tony Smith, Matt Wray
Bad Subjects Issue #26 May 1996

"Just like Eddie" or as far as a boy can go: Vedder, Barthes, and Handke dismember mama -- Barb? Hammer
Post Modern Culture V6 N1 September 1995 995/hammer.995.html

>Aestheticising masculinity: the example of physique photography
-- William Stern Threshold: Viewing Culture V9 Section 2

NewGender in 'On the Road' -- Paul Collins

 NewCanada is a White Man's Land: The 'oriental menace' and discourses of masculinity in British Columbia in early twentieth century -- Pasi Ahonen

 Marketing/reading males -- Charles Stivale
Postmodern Culture V2 N1 Sept 1991

Masculinity and performativity in modernistic organisations -- Cliff Cheng & Robert F Dennehy

>Masculinity and war-- Andreas Speck

>Masculinity in American culture -- Jo Paoletti

>Medieval masculinities: heroism, sanctity, and gender -- Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and the members of Interscripta

Venus in Microsoft: male mas(s)ochism and cybernetics -- Stephen Pfohl
C Theory

What competing versions of masculinity can we see in contemporary British advertising? -- Sarah Jeffcoat

 Politics of changing men -- R W Connell
Australian Humanities Review December 1996

Representing masculinity -- Marj Kibby

>Standpoints, situated knowledge, and masculinities -- Peter Levin
Department of Sociology, University of Southern California

What's wrong with the men -- Scott S Blake


Bibliography -- masculinity and representation compiled by Marj Kibby

 Images of men and masculinity in the mass media: a selected research bibliography compiled by Steve Craig

 The men's bibliography compiled by Michael Flood

 Masculinities and gender bibliography

 Masculinity and imperialism/colonialism bibliography compiled by Pasi Ahonen

 Men's movement periodicals The World Wide Web Virtual Library



Narrative and Culture: Re-writing Vietnam; Reasserting Masculinity (Syllabus -- Marj Kibby)
https:// Constructing "masculinity" in American literature and film (Syllabus -- Phillip Barrish)

 >Myths of Gender: Masculinity (Syllabus -- Henry Jenkins)

 Sociology of Men and Masculinity (Syllabus -- Adam Shapiro)

 Machismo: Facts and/or Fiction? (Syllabus -- Sanchez-Gonzalez UT Austin)



Bad Subjects: Political education for everyday life.

 CTheory: An international journal of theory, technology, and culture.

 Cultronix: An interdisciplinary journal of art and cultural studies.

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