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Geoffrey Dixon, 10 October 1997. 
The slippery gooiness 

of biology is a consequence of its incredible complexity, consisting as it does of complex systems based upon chemistry. And chemistry obeys the rules of physics, which exists because of, and is consequently best described by, mathematics. Mathematics is the ur-fluid of Reality (gad, how poetic), and our symbollic attempts to represent mathematics have given us windows through which our mushy grey-matter can peer, and with which this same mushy grey-matter becomes altered, and we call this alteration understanding (a frequently generous appellation). 

The purpose of these pages is to press our noses against some of the windows that look upon biological systems, and to do it in as interactive and stimulating a way as possible, given the talents of we the page creators. There are four of us: Geoffrey Dixon, Steven Karel, Frank Lonberg and Mike Casey. This site will be evolving rapidly, so things will likely be different each time you look. 

Also see Dixon's interactive Mathematics and the Genome site. 

Much of what we'll be doing will employ Shockwave™, which is a really spiffy way of animating web pages. But it requires the plug-in, and you've just been given a link to that. Java and Javascript will also be used, and anything else we decide is needed. It's also highly advisable to get either Navigator 3.0 or better, or Explorer 3.0 or better, both of which are free to educational institutions, I believe. And if you have the option, set your monitors color depth to at least thousands (16-bit). This is our mantra: 
the cutting edge is good.
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