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The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China
Dennis A. Etler
[Last Update: October 25, 1996]
Yunxian cranium
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This page introduces the fossil evidence for human evolution in China. At present it includes a catalog of Chinese human fossil remains consisting of: a picture gallery of important fossil specimens, maps detailing the distribution of human fossils, and a time line; links to other relevant sites dealing with paleontology, human evolution and Chinese prehistory; and other resources which may be useful for gaining a better understanding of China's role in the emergence of humankind. More features will be added in the near future

Catalog of Human Fossils from China

The fossil record of human evolution in China has increased dramatically within the last two decades. The following resources are meant to introduce both earlier and more recent fossil hominid discoveries from China. These include examples of the archaic human ancestor H. erectus; pre-modern forms of H. sapiens, which are intermediate in time and morphology between H. erectus and anatomically modern people; and early forms of fully modern H. sapiens known from China. In order to facilitate browsing this information you can go directly to page one of the picture gallery, or first go to the table of fossil specimens and locate the specimen (cataloged by province) you are interested in viewing, then click on its location name to jump to the picture gallery, where a photo and caption are available. You can also start out from the maps page or time-line. The latter two resources are client maintained "usemaps" configured for PCs using Windows 3.1 and Netscape 3.0. They may not be operational with other browsers or operating systems.

Position Papers and Full Length Articles


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Coming Attractions

More features to be added in the near future include improved graphics (color pictures), pages describing the Chinese Paleolithic and Neolithic, and a section reviewing research at the H. erectus site in Yunxian, Hubei.


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