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(or: "Is it stuffy in here?")
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the ten most beautiful ur 2nd Annual Beauty Poll was a blast, but the results weren't pretty. (Well, not by an accountant's standard, anyway. We still think you'll like our GALLERY OF WINNERS.

We threw open PEOPLE Online's voting booth on April 23 and let users cast ballots for two weeks. Then we ducked: Despite battling the 'bots (the ballot-stuffing method of choice), we were overwhelmed by the determination of some of you to make your Most Beautiful choice No. 1 on this year's list. 

[One devoted fan stuffed the ballot box for "Xena"'s Hudson Leick with more than 45,000 votes -- in just one night catapulting her to the top of the list. (We've erased 
them since.)]

 Polling's a messy game. Along the way, we made some of you hopping mad that we'd touched off a now-familiar feud between "Hercules," "Xena," and Highlander" fans. We think the final list, featuring Jenny McCarthy, Claire Daines and Larisa Oleynik among others, argues against that, but we also know the results weren't perfect. 

"We managed to keep the most evil 'bots out," says Marc Ochs, associate applications developer for Time Inc. New Media, who altered the poll's defenses four times to keep ballot-stuffers at bay. But "short of a registration process of some kind, we won't be able to track it reliably." 

In the next poll, we may have to employ that process. In the meantime, though, enjoy the gallery of winners. And thanks to all of you who took to the time to leave your thoughts and ideas in our Beauties Bulletin Board!

 -- The Editor 

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