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Coverage of European Financial and Monetary Affairs

"ECU-EURO" is a european publication published quaterly by Ecu-Activities, Belgium. It has been created in 1987 to provide a comprehensive coverage of the developments in the European monetary and financial affairs. Thanks to a large array of experts from european financial bodies and universities, it provides depth and thorough analyses on these key issues and on the policy related to.

The journal participates to the debate on the current european financial and monetary problems. Particularly, it studies the evolution of the European Monetary Union, analyses the question of the single european currency, collects the most recent information, assesses the prospects and go on surveying the characteristics and trends of the Ecu sector (please, see hereafter the contents and the list of subjects and authors of the 1995-1996 issues).

Who should be interested?

ECU-EURO is a reliable source of information for anybody interested in the monetary and financial developments in Europe. The publication should be of particular interest to the banking and financial community, european and international institutions, academics and students.

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 The publication "ECU-EURO", each issue (64/72 pages) devoted to a specific subject contains:

ECU-EURO is issued four times a year. Please, have in mind that articles are written in english but also in french according to the author choice.

The 1996 year subscription rates are, US$: 100, ECU: 77. 5 (BEF: 3000 - DM: 145 - £: 65 - FF: 500), plus extra european postal charges.

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