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Thursday, February 13, 1997
To have beauty is to have only that,
but to have goodness is
to be beautiful too.


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Customers Come First!

Methods, techniques and inspiring case studies that help customer-contact employees develop enthusiastic, service oriented attitudes.
Managing and Supervising Managers are made, not born. Skills every manager needs to handle people, production, and processes.
Motivation and Inspiration What makes people tick? How do you get their juices flowing? Here's the best collection of inspiring things we could find.
Office Support Skills When was the last time your office staff got any training? Look here for methods, techniques and attitude-adjusters.
Online Business Information Center Strategies for gathering and using business information; plus links to the best business info sites on and off the Web.
Personal Success Strategies On your way up the corporate ladder? Skip some steps with these fast-track strategies.
Sales and Marketing Learn from the best in the business. Professional selling skills you can take to the bank.
The Boardroom News and laws executives need to know, plus strategies for running every segment of a successful business.
The Entrepreneur Business owners must know it all and do everything. Here's where to go for help.


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