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Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found 
I have been in the bark 
Of Dylan, Son of the Wave, 
When the waters rose as lances, 
Falling down from the skies, 
Into the exposed abyss. 

We present, in these pages, a novel theory on Atlantis that will, if accepted, cause a revolution in the fields of archaeology and the human sciences, rendering them fit for the encroaching Millennium. Atlantis was never found because we have all been looking in the wrong places. Realizing that, we started to look for the spot where an entireIndian Mandala sunken continent could be hiding itself. Geology afforded the correct, irrefutable answer: down under the South China Sea, that is where. The rest followed quite naturally and, in fact, far more serendipitously than we ourselves could ever have imagined beforehand. 

Our Site is composed of six different sections, organized by subjects which range from the strictly scientific (Linguistic, Geologic, Ethnologic, etc.) to the purely mythical and religious ones. Our approach to the problem of Atlantis is basically scientific and down to earth, though we do not refrain from entering the more esoteric aspects of the Occult disciplines in what can be presently divulged. In turn, each of the six sections of our site contains a series of articles on the theme, which we will periodically renew. To enter the desired section, just click on the corresponding box or on the respective item at the bottom of the page. Once inside, click on the desired article. 

For the tantalalizing details, just keep reading, and you will see that we have also found, as a surplus, the Garden of Eden, the Island of Avalon, the Garden of the Hesperides, the hideout of the New Jerusalem, the true location of Troy and of Lanka, as well as the Holy Land and Paradise that has been promised us all from the dawn of time. Yes, Atlantis is rising from the waves, bright as the Phoenix and clean and virginal as the Venus of Botticelli.

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