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I warmly invite you all into my inner sanctum with many wishes of good health. With this invitation, I pray you will enjoy the theme of this site as much as I do. Without further adoo... Say hello to my:

Here before you is my entire collection of Faerie stuff that i have gathered together over the years. I felt bad that my beloved's beauty and charms were only to be enjoyed by my eyes. This is why I have decided to bring them to you.

And so......

Enjoy my friends, and love them as I love them and may Queen Sidhe's blessings go with thee.

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Well folks, did you like my web page? Did you like the graphics I created myself? Did you like my creativity? Well, I am a web author for hire and I would be honored to make and upkeep your web page also. Email me so we can talk. I love what I do and as you can see, it shows. I know Unix, Java, CGI and I kick butt PhotoShop.