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I nsects In Amber

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**Buy our 40 million year old insects in polished honey colored amber. Or, of course, you are invited to browse and learn. And, yes, we offer WHOLESALE pricing.

** We now have an interesting variety of neckware, earrings and other amber jewelry online. We now have some striking Y necklaces as seen on 90210! Let us know if there's something else you fancy since,essentially, your wish in amber is our command.

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** collector piece We have some unique, exceptional collector pieces. Time to find that special gift? Look no further. Our feature is this lizard!!!

We feature genuine 40 million year old insects in polished honey colored amber. These are as seen in Jurassic Park and featured in Smithsonian Magazine. As many of you know, Michael Crichton has a new book, The Lost World, his follow up to Jurassic Park. Knopf, the publisher, has a nice page of links related to Jurassic Junk; check it out - they even link to our site.

The study of fossils in amber is not a Jurassic park phenomena. As a matter of fact, the Natural History Museum in London is undertaking research to confirm that DNA can be extracted from insects ensnared in amber for millions of years. And there's much more ... (click on any thumbnail image for better detail) ...

bee The May 19 1995 issue of Science (Vol.268, pg.1060) tells how a bacterial spore was revived and cultured from the abdominal contents of bees preserved for 25 to 40 million years. Our specimens come from the same deposits as those bees. You can see a superb photo of that bee.

gnat And here is a gorgeous example of a fly, courtesy of Mark Meyer of the University of Washington. More accurately it is a fungusgnat, and was taken from Dominican amber close to our deposits. Its features are remarkably well preserved down to the hair on its body!

damselfly museum piece The September 29 1995 issue of Science (Vol.269, pg. 1819) shows a damselfly (far left) taken from these same or nearby deposits. This 'Lady in Amber', and other fine fossils, are part of a major exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.

spiders The Swedish Amber Museum has this fascinating specimen with two spiders. Now what could they have been doing when they were captured in resin?

ant w/aphidWolfgang Wiggers of the University of Bremen has a fantastic collection of stereograph photographs that include this remarkable image of an aphid being carrried by an ant.. Be sure to take a look at some of his others.

lizard And take a look at this honest to goodness lizard. Are you interested in acquiring this fantastic collector piece? Check here please!

**Our friends at Caldron Crafts always have an interesting collection of fossils. Recently, for instance, they had a Sabre Tooth Tiger skull!

An excellent discussion of amber in general and Dominican Amber in particular may be found in Jeweler/Gem Business, Vol. VII, No. 5, pgs. 9-19. This article, written by yours truely, The Amber Lady, covers the characteristics of amber, inclusions found, and the nature of its treatment and care.

An exciting project, now under way, spearheaded by Mark Meyer at the University of Washington, will feature the development of a multimedia, interactive presentation of the Natural History of Amber. He has several beautiful amber photos already on the web, including the fungasgnat above.

If you happen to be in Sweden, be sure to visit the Swedish Amber Museum. It has an interesting collection featuring one of the largest pieces in the world; a 238 kg whooper (thats over 500 pounds for us metricly challenged Americans)! It's shown on the site so check it out.

Our Specimens For Sale

We have several categories of specimens available:

And LOOK HERE! Our samples come with this nifty fold out pamphlet, suitable for children, that tells the story, very simply, of how insects come to be trapped in amber. This makes one of our samples the PERFECT educational gift for kids of all ages.

We also carry a wide variety of neckware, earrings and other amber jewelry. Please call if there's something else you fancy; we have much more than you see here.

If you'd like to learn more about amber and its inclusions, its characteristics, its use over the centuries and where to find more about it then you're at the right place! Contact us with your questions or requests.

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