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Unsinkable Walk on Water
Front to back: Victoria Shank (Industry), Thomas French (USD-College), Deborah Langman (High School)


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1997 WoW Race

USD's astonishing 6th annual Walk on Water race was held on February 22nd, 1997. A large audience and an impressive collection of media types witnessed this amazing display of engineering creativity.

Kudos to the USD School of Engineering committees for putting on another excellent event!


See the Walk on Water newspaper article in the San Diego Union Tribune (Search in the Archives for "NAVIUS").



The rules for the 1998 USD Walk on Water race have just been released. Visit the USD site (which was just updated as well) and download a copy.

Also, I've just started a new WoWpage contest. The person who submits the most creative Haiku Poem will win an Electronic Nano Pet (shipping included). Enter now!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled broadcast. . .


The University of San Diego sponsors an annual design contest in celebration of National Engineering Week.

The object of the Walk On Water race is to design and build shoes that enable a person to traverse the surface of a swimming pool. The individual or "Shoe Pilot" that crosses the pool in the shortest time is declared the winner - and legally insane.


I was a team member on Navius Corporation's '97 entry. Here is our shoe pilot: Captain Victoria Shank. Her shoes are named appropriately - Victoria's Secret!

 Victoria won in the "Industry" category for '97.
The shoes won a "Best Design" award as well.

I've also been a volunteer on two previous teams sponsored by Medtronic Inc. They won both times in the Industry category. Team Angst won in 1993 and the Swan a Bee's won in 1994. Special thanks to Captain's Don Waller and Matt Heinemann for not drowning. In 1995 we were busy. In 1996 we forgot to enter (it happens, ok?).

Below is a photo of test pilot Tom Breton pushing (licking?) the envelope of the '94 model shoes.


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