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New Product: Van Canopy
Inventor: D. Scott Wade and Richard L. Wade
Status: U.S. Patent Application Allowed

As attorney for the inventor of an innovative Van Canopy, we are currently seeking manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.

 The Van Canopy contains a framework with magnetic ball joint feet to engage with and overhang the roof of the van, so that the framework can support a cover to protect people from rain and/or sun. This framework can be collapsed and the cover folded up for storage purposes.

 Now for the first time this simple and easy to use Van Canopy is being made available to millions of potential users. The low manufacturing cost of the product is also of major importance.

 If you are interested in licensing, purchasing the rights to the above invention or entering into a royalty agreement please contact the office of Michael I. Kroll as follows:


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