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The HAT-TEE is the world's first garment with a built in hat to protect you from the sun or harsh weather. It was developed especially for outdoor activities such as boating, skiing, roller blading, hiking, volleyball, kayaking, and tennis, and is made of 100% cotton. You will never lose your hat again never or burn the back of your head or neck, as it will stay on at fifty miles per hour or more. To make a HAT-TEE, just pull the bib up and over the head, then secure the elastic band behind the head to hold the hat in place. Additional looks can be created by lifting the front panel up over the shoulders and by utilizing the strings for the desert look or bandanna style. For more protection, there is a Winter Wear version that gives you full head and face protection from the harsh weather with a Hat built in. It can also be developed into foul weather gear, covering your entire face and chin.

As with a regular Tee Shirt, the HAT-TEE can be custom imprinted with a logo or advertisement. Unlike regular tee shirts though, it has 6 different areas for logo placement. It comes in 2 sizes (small to medium and large to extra large). Available Now At Special Introductory Pricing:

 Short-sleeve - $19.95 each
Long-sleeve - $21.95 each
Winterwear - $29.95 each

 Wholesale distributor pricing is available. We are also looking for companies to license or market the HAT-TEE. U.S. and Foreign Patent Pending


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