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Your Ideas Wanted for the Global Ideas Bank!

An International Suggestion Box for socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects, with 1,000 UK sterling awards annually for the best ideas or projects submitted

collected by the non-profit charity Institute for Social Inventions, London, England.

Feedback and more ideas are very welcome. This Global Ideas Bank is not at present for patentable ideas or technological ideas or other product-based ideas - more for ideas concerning suggested new services, organisations, laws, constitutions, procedures, ways to relate, ways to solve problems, etc. All ideas will automatically be entered for the annual awards (deadline June 1st each year); and be aware that all ideas submitted may be freely edited and used in this Global Ideas Bank and in the Institute for Social Inventions' various publications. Send up to a thousand words, adding which section your idea should go in. If your idea is already available on the World Wide Web, please send simply an abstract of the idea (up to 100 words) with an http reference. Please always give your name, address, telephone and fax number and e-mail address, to Nicholas Albery at [email protected].

Categorized Sections

Ideas from different sources and publications are here organized in lists by category.

  1. Social Innovations - Past and Present
  2. Children and Education
  3. Relationships
  4. Housing
  5. New Money Systems & Financial Innovations
  6. Taxation
  7. Work & Unemployment
  8. Economics and Business
  9. Welfare
  10. Crime & The Law
  11. Health & Therapy
  12. Neighbourhood
  13. Environment and Ecology
  14. Quality of Life
  15. Science, Technology and Energy
  16. Transport
  17. Communications
  18. Arts, Leisure & Lifestyle
  19. International and Developing World
  20. War & Peace
  21. Politics
  22. Spirituality
  23. Old Age
  24. Death and Dying
  25. Promoting Social Inventions


As you are browsing through the ideas, you have the opportunity to rate how well you like each one. The ratings are stored and tabulated to show which ideas are the most popular.

As of 05/07/96, 6906 people have produced 9689 ratings of 1008 ideas out of 1123.

These are currently the ideas most often voted for:

Title Rating # Ratings
Hemp - 'a plant to save the world'? 95% 80
Fuel from water 95% 125
Practise random kindness and senseless acts of beauty 95% 61
Hair removal by laser 94% 207
Childless By Choice 91% 67
Green employment agency 90% 61
Improving Western understanding of death 90% 53
HyperCard 85% 62
Go camping together before marriage 85% 76
Legalising trade in marijuana seeds only 84% 99
Polyfidelity 83% 180
A shamanic death song 82% 74
Vegetarian diet eases arthritis 81% 65
Pre-Marriage Percentage Compatibility Rating Test 81% 84
Neo-tantric yoga 80% 63
Near-Death Experiences and the hyperactive survival drive 77% 82
Flix Club for young girls 75% 117
Boyfriend pays $20 deposit for date 70% 66
Sex education without fuss 67% 115
A ring tattoo to discourage adultery 62% 122
The best uninhabited island in the world? 50% 0

These are the most highly rated ideas, regardless of number of ratings:

Title Rating # Ratings
One traveller's initiative to save Jaisalmer 100% 5
Long-term shares 100% 4
Shock Third World holidays 100% 4
Two Sir Humphreys 100% 3
Intelligence at the end of the universe 100% 3
Ministry of Ideas 100% 2
Dean Clough Mills 100% 2
Legalised ticket touting 100% 2
Auction of Promises: how to raise L16,000 in one evening 100% 2
Golan Heights Peace Park 100% 2
Zero inflation through credit permits for lenders 100% 2
Neighbourhood wardens 100% 2
Long-term survivors 100% 1
Sewage marshes as nature sanctuaries 100% 1
Brokerage and Direct Payment for those with disabilities 100% 1
Computer matched group members 100% 1
Pendulum arbitration in monopoly services 100% 1
Converting church galleries 100% 1
An options market for ideas 100% 1
Voluntary Agencies Directory 100% 1

Published Books On-Line

These are collections of ideas published by the Institute for Social Inventions. All of these ideas are organized by category above.

The Global Suggestions Box is an online development of
The Book of Visions

An Encyclopaedia of Social Innovations

Edit ed by

Nicholas Albery

Assisted by
Valerie Yule

Foreword by>
Anita Roddick

The Book of Visions encyclopaedia was first published in Great Britain in 1992 by

Virgin Books

an imprint of Virgin Publishing Ltd

The material was collected, typeset, laid out and reprinted in 1995 by

Institute for Social Inventions

20 Heber Road
London NW2 6AA
tel 0181 208 2853
fax 0181 452 6434

Copyright © Institute for Social Inventions 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995

All royalties from these books go to the Institute for Social Inventions, a registered educational charity, towards its workshops in schools and other activities. The Institute is grateful to all the hundreds of people around the world who freely contributed items and is apologetic to any whom it failed to trace or acknowledge.

The Global Ideas Bank, the online version of The Book of Visions encylopaedia, is made available subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold or hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior written consent in any paper form or with any binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed upon the subsequent publisher.

The Book of Visions has been published on the Web with the help of Flemming Funch
and the New Civilization Network.