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Thread Waxing Space
New York City

Artists working with trash become archaeological salvagers and experimenters in the field of Garbology. Artists use garbage as modern day icons which replace the mythologies of our past with contemporary realities. Not only are discarded materials plentiful and free, but art works made from trash are "democratic" as they involve the participation, albeit involuntary, of the public. Many artists are reinventing trash as something other than useless or undesirable as they select refuse for the aesthetic power, usefulness and their role in the history of forms.


Meyer Vaisman
Trash, 1991

 The three new cardboard boxes labeled as "trash" and stacked atop one another are among the 100 multiples the artist has created. Although labeled as such, the boxes remain enigmatic; afterall, the concept of neatly boxing up trash is absurd (though, indeed, that is what each box contains).