Archived Pages from 20th Century!!

There are some very interesting and informative pages on the Internet.
There are also some very pointless pages.
This is a pointless page.

And so, to prove a point, here is a page dedicated to the ties I own, and wear on a regular basis. So far,  people have viewed this page... Don't ask me why they bother, but the stats don't lie.

Now you can vote for the most hideous tie! - Simply click the image of the tie you think is most hideous, and the vote shall be cast! - Every week or so I will update the following link to show the currently most voted for hideous tie!

By clicking on a tie, you will also see a larger image of it!
Show me the tie with the most "most hideous" votes!!
(Hey! - When you've cast your vote, why not vist my home page, or my Monopoly page!)

Behold the ties: