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Yikes! Another absurd box has poped up!
Yikes! Another of those nifty dialog boxes pops up, and what do you do? Reboot!
If you want to know "who" those boxes are, and what do they look like, keep on reading! 
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In this section you will find all kinds of boxes from the IBM PC environment, but basically from Windows -- mainly from Windows 95, our favorite operating system for funny and/or useless boxes!  
The Mac OS section is also full of funny boxes. At first, it was a bit challenging to create this section, since most mac users didn't feel there were absurd boxes under this OS, but we found them!
Yes, we couldn't forget about IBM's OS/2, although it has been the toughest with regards to finding boxes. We hope to get many more soon, but we need all of you for this, folks.
This is the WEIRD section where all boxes are 100% authentic or real, unless there is a statement saying otherwise. Some of these boxes are just unbelievable, you'll see!
The FAQ. If you want to become part of the Boxes Site, here you'll find all the rules and regulations to participate in our awesome and friendly adventure. Please, read and understand what is involved, so check out this page before submitting your boxes.
If you have contributed something to this site, your name will appear here. Come on, we all know you have a nice and absurd box to contribute.
Wow! He is awesome, but who is he? If you want to find out who is behind the Dialog Box Web Site, read this page, maybe you'll learn something you don't know (for free).
Nope, this is not the DOS section, but the DISCLAIMER "folder." Like in every fairy tail, there's always something you must know to understand why things are the way they are. All the stuff on these pages is fully copyrighted. 
FEEDBACK. I love it and it is very important that you communicate with me to improve these pages. Well, if you want to talk about "live in Mars," it's fine, too, but the boxes are the real issue here, okay?
SPECIAL BOXES... These are real boxes (not designed) that are too absurd to be left alone [click the icon with the smile to look at these]. In addition, have you ever wondered what happens when you try to uninstall any program? Take a look! [New!]
Download Area (Free!)
Dialog Box Creator 1.0 for Windows 3.1 and '95 '98 [ 11 Kb ]  

Dialog Box Creator 2.0 for Windows 95 [ 44 Kb ]  This NEW version does not need any .dll file and is entirely 32 bit!  

Any suggestion or comment about the box creator, or if you want to improve it and get some credit, should be addressed to [email protected]

We have decided to return to our original look and feel, so what do you think? We have many surprises awaiting to be revealed... 

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