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Way of the Exploding Head

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New! We have a winner in our caption contest!


Read all about our visit from the Secret Service and be amazed at how your tax dollars are being spent.


Check out a project by my close personal friend and confidant, P7A77, founder of the Miami University Masturbation Society. It's called 'Project: Denny's'. Hilarious stuff!

No detailled explanation is really necessary, and none would truly suffice to describe the awe-inspiring glory of this page. But one theme runs through it all: the exploding heads of, well, of people whose heads you've always wanted to see explode.

Go ahead. Admit it. You WANT this.

At any rate, click on any of the pictures below to get what you need. And hey, smartass, you think you can do better? So do we! So enter this week's caption contest!

Tom Hanks, beloved by young and old alike.

Boris Yeltsin, leader of the former Soviet Union.

Senator Bob Dole, blowhard politician extraordinaire.

Brilliant political analyst and theologian, Rush Limbaugh. By popular demand.

Bill Gates, the man responsible for Win '95. Enjoy our little award for his "software excellence".

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