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The Capitol Steps

Week of October 21, 1996 * Vol. 3, No. 6
What's scarier than Bob Dole's poll numbers? It's the Capitol Steps Halloween Radio Special

Relive the great debates: Our take on Reagan - Mondale from '84

See who's behind the music

Ross Perot will debate himself.

Republicans and Democrats disagree!

Jack Kemp denies ties to the Mafia!

Farewell, Spiro T. Agnew.

Bob Dole plunges into his "fall campaign"

Perot flips out over debates

Senate Update: Defense of Marriage Act passes overwhelmingly!

Ross picks a Veep!

Bob Dole steps up his attacks on Bill Clinton and closes the gap in the polls.

Liddy and The BeastNEW
[Beauty and The Beast]

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Week of October 14

EXTRA! Dole comes out swinging in final debate; Clinton ignores him.

We got the answers that Dole couldn't, like who did hire the people who read those 900 FBI files:

Who Hired Them First?NEW
(With apologies to Abbott and Costello)

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Al Gore and Jack Kemp debate the issues, to the disappointment of their running mates. Bob Dole said it looked like `a fraternity picnic for a while.'

Trickle, TrickleNEW

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I Want A Man With A Slow PulseNEW

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Week of October 7

Dole and Clinton square off over the last four years. Dole remembers the BTU tax and Joycelyn Elders, even though he couldn't remember her name...or her job...or the title of the book he read recently.... Luckily, it's all on the record. We were in Hartford for the debate and have this report.

I've Taken Stands On Both Sides Now

From the album The Joy of Sax

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It's Not Easy Being MeanNEW
[It's Not Easy Being Green]

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Week of September 30

Israelis and Palestinians start fighting each other again. President Clinton invites their leaders to Washington to settle their differences diplomatically.

Hello Mullah, Hello FatahNEW
[Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (Sherman/Busch, Curtain Call Productions, Inc.)]

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Week of September 23

Ross Perot is excluded from the Presidential debates next month because he doesn't have a ``realistic chance'' of being elected (according to the two parties whose nominations he didn't buy.) Ross is hopping mad and reassessing his chances.

The Wizard of OddsNEW
[If I Only Had A Brain (Harburg/Arlen)]

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