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Hosting an ART SHOW

I'm glad you are taking the time to find out more about the rewards of hosting an Art Show.


Now, hosting a show is easy. I will arrange with you (the Host) to invite your friends associates and acquaintances into your home for the pleasure of viewing 70 or more paintings, most of which are original oil paintings. We will pre-screen your guests before the show. This means that from the thousands of works the company makes available, your show will be customized to your guests.


#1, 10% of the total show sales amount can be applied toward the purchase of a Regular
Line painting of your choice.

#2, Another Regular Line painting of your choice is yours at Half Price.

#3, When 2 of your guest schedule (and hold) their own art show, you will receive a $100 credit
toward the purchase of a Regular Line painting of your choice.

#4, Additional Host Incentives are frequently in effect and are added to your standard show benefits.


Here is what you can expect from a (Typical)* $750 art show.

10% of total show sales = $75, plus, Half Price 20"x24" Regular Line painting = $74.50, plus, Scheduling Bonus = $100, equals, $249.50!!!

*Based on Company wide show average.

Lets schedule your art show. In northeastern Illinois call me at

1 (847) 438 - 8574

or e-mail

[email protected]

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