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Mini Review

You're driving through the desert on a hot, dusty night. You've been driving for hours and can't take it anymore. You stop for a bite to eat and make the mistake of ordering a drink before you get your food. What the hell; you're drunk now, so why not order another? After two more drinks you're stuck there. Then, Grace and Phil Moody come out and begin to perform. You realize then that you've died and gone to hell.

Sound Clips AIFF

(kept short for humanitarian reasons)

* "Small Town" -It's small because everyone left when Grace started singing. (160k)

* "Am I Blue?" -No Grace, just your nose is, you pathetic chain-smoking lush. (145K)

* "You Made Me Love You" -Really? Was it the way I put my hands over my ears as I ran from the room when you started singing? (260K)

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