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My equipment
A Pentax MZ-5Pentax MZ-5 Camera
I bought this camera in july this summer and I'm very satisfied with it. It's simple to use, but still advanced. It has everything a camera should have. Right now, so far I only have one lens, a 35-80 (F:4-5,6) but I'm planning on buying a 80-200mm or a 100-300mm zoom. Normally I use the camera in it's autofocus-mode, but some times when I want to take pictures with extreme depth of field (f:22) I focus it manually at the hyperfocal distance (the closest possible distance where the depth of field reaches all the way to infinity, ie. everything is sharp). The MZ-5 has gotten very good reviews, and it deserves them.

Konica FP-1 Camera
This camera belongs to my dad, but he doesn't use it. The FP-1 is very simple, too simple most of the time, since it lacks something I like to use once in a while, namely a manual exposure setting. Unfortunately the camera is also "shake-proof" by only allowing exposure times in the 1/1000-1/30 second range (there isn't even a Bulb-mode available). This camera is ok when shooting a normal holiday snapshot in normal daylight, but I've found that this camera mostly stays in the bag as a backup.

35-70mm Sigma zoom lens (F:2.8-4)
For the FP-1 I have two lenses. The 35-70 is the lens that's on it 80 percent of the time. I usually use it at 35-50 and at F:2.8-11 (because of the forementioned "shake-proofnes").

70-210mm Sigma zoom lens (F:4.5)
The second lens for the FP-1 is a telephoto lens that I use when there is no way I can get close enough to use the 35-70 lens. When I'm planning on shooting wildlife I mount this lens on the FP-1 and load a semi-fast film, like Sensia 200.

X-24 Flash
Not too much to say about this, except that I like the sound it makes when it's recharging.

King tripod
It's heavy and clumsy, but if you want to take good sharp pictures of nature and wildlife there is no better tool than a tripod.

I mostly stick to slide film. Because I have two cameras I can load one camera with a slow film (50-100 ASA) and the other with a faster film (usually 400 ASA).
I tried a couple of different brands and speeds,
Kodak 64, Kodak Elite and Elite II, Fuji Velvia & Sensia, Agfa CTx etc.etc. My favourite is Fuji Velvia, a very sharp film with excellent colours.
On the very seldom occasions that I use ordinary negative film I've so far mostly used Kodak Gold 400 ASA because most of the 1-hour labs are pretty good at getting good results from it.

The pictures
Here a little bit more information about the photos I've put on this page. If you want to use any of the pictures on your own homepage, or in a publication or something like that, please
contact me first and get my permission (all pictures are © Copyright Martin Larsson 1996)

If you want a larger version of a picture (usually 450x300 Jpeg around 25-30k) just click on the thumbnail for the picture. If you want a even larger version (768x512 or 1536x1024 jpeg) of an image just write an E-mail and tell me which picture you want.

All pictures, except a few, were scanned by one of Kodaks very expensive PhotoCD scanners.
I've made a few small adjustments to the pictures: I've removed the "Photo-CD haze" that can make some pictures look darker and less colourfull. I also performed an unsharp mask.

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Photo links
Of course a page is no page without links, so here are some links to the places I visit on the Internet.

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