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Virtual Bonsai Show
A virtual bonsai show, where you can display your trees
for others and see others' bonsai creations
See the Exhibits | Add your Tree | Index of Tree Images
Highlights from the California Bonsai Society Convention, March 19-23
 Bonsai Forum
News and Articles
Information and tips to help you get the most out of your trees.
Written by experts and updated monthly.
Also includes a set of Beginner's Guidelines, Resources for Beginners and the Bonsai FAQ.
Follow the shaping trees from the beginning with
The History of Four Azaleas
Make sure to add your news and upcoming events
to Bonsai Web's Bonsai Calendar.
 Discussion lists
Open forum for discussion of all aspects of bonsai, from
basic to advanced techniques. Three forums: Beginner's Corner,
Tips and Techniques, and General Discussion.
Bonsai Critique
 Participate in our monthly "tree critique." Each month a different
tree will be presented and you will be able to comment on the merits
and flaws of the tree's design, aesthetics, shaping, and so on.
Tree One | Tree Two | Tree Three | Tree Four
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 Bonsai Marketplace
 Here is a selection of merchants who are providing bonsai and
bonsai-related merchandise on the Web. Give 'em a try and tell
them Bonsai Web sent you!
The marketplace is divided into four sections (many will be listed in more than one area):
 Bonsai Nurseries
Here you will find everything from nursery stock to finished trees.
Evergreen Gardenworks | The Cuttings Exchange | Bonsai Boy of New York
Kimura Bonsai Nursery | Dallas Bonsai Garden
 Tools and supplies
Here you will find the things you need to work on your trees.
Including tools, supplies, soil, food, and general care items
Bonsai by the Monastery | Isolite | The Tool Shop
Fujiyama Tools (Dallas Bonsai Garden)
 Books and Videos
This section includes all aspects of bonsai instruction through
books, periodicals, and videos.
The Bonsai Bookstore | Bonsai in California | All About Bonsai | Bonsai Videos
Books from Bonsai by the Monastery
Here you will find exotic bonsai items and miscellaneous items
related to bonsai
Dallas Bonsai Garden Pots & Supplies
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 Care Guidelines
 Here are some general care guidelines for the month. These are
for Southern California and should be adjusted according to your
climate, zone, and location.
 The Tree Care FAQ and Tree Care Guides
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 Bonsai Clubs and Organizations
 Here are some links to bonsai clubs and bonsai-related organizations
on the World Wide Web
Regional and local clubs
 Listings for regional and local U.S. clubs
National and International clubs
 Lisitings for national and international clubs
Related Clubs
 Clubs and organizations that are bonsai related or of potential interest
to bonsai enthusiasts (e.g. Suiseki, Ikebana, etc.)
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 Join our mailing lists
 Electronic and US Mail lists to keep you up to date on the latest
developments in the world of bonsai!
Email Listing
 Subscribe to the Bonsai Web e-mail list to be notified of new and
exciting developments on BonsaiWeb
US Mail list
 Subscribe to the Bonsai Web U.S. Mail list to have your name added to
our commercial vendors list. Receive announcements, catalogs, and the
like from bonsai and nursery companies
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 Internet Bonsai Club
 These are links to the Internet Bonsai Club.
Go to their homepage, the rec.arts.bonsai newsgroup, or
subscribe to the IBC mailing list.
Bonsai Tracker | Sami Poikonen's Bonsai related Software Site
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