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The Strawberry Facts Page

"Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did."
-- William Butler (1535-1618)
Oxford dictionary of quotes

Welcome to The Strawberry Facts Page, where you can learn all you ever wanted to know about the delicious fruit called the Strawberry, and more!

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Index of The Strawberry Facts Page:

[ Strawberry ]General Information
General Information about The Strawberry Facts Page.
[ Strawberry ]Awards & Recognition
A List of the Various Awards and Recognition This Site Has Received.
[ Strawberry ]Site Revision History
Describes All Major Changes Made to This Site in Reverse Chronological Order.
[ Speaking ]Strawberry Speaking
Many Names of the Strawberry in Different Languages
[ Sustenance ]Sweet Sustenance
Recipes, Restaurants, Nutrition and Other Strawberry Edibles
[ Harvests ]Harvests & Horticulture
Information on the Growing, Tending and History of the Strawberry Plant.
[ Festivals ]Fun & Festivals
Dates and Descriptions of Strawberry Festivities From Around The World.
[ Slices ]Slices of Life
Interesting Slices of Life with Strawberry Style. (Factiods and Trivia)
[ Music Notes ]Entertainment & Lesuire
Music, Movies, Literature and Other Lesuirely Persuits with a Strawberry Flavour.
[ Bits ]Strawberry Bits & Bytes
Bits and Bytes With a Strawberry Twist (Miscellaneous Items)
[ Sketches ]Strawberry Sketches
A Colourful Collection of Strawberry Images to Look At and Download.
[ Questions ]Questions
Strawbery Related Questions Without Answers! Can anyone help?
[ Fruits ]Other Fruits
A Few Links Leading to Resources for Other Fruits.

General Information

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The Strawberry Facts Page is a NON-COMMERCIAL site. Any links and information provided here is done so based entirely on the fact that it has some small relevance to the topic of Strawberries or, occationally, another type of fruit. Obtaining a link here has been, is, and will remain, free to places that so qualify. Two-way links are appreciated but are by no means required.

Many of the items in these pages are ones that I have have found and researched on my own, but quite a number of thoughtful people have provided me with many more items than I could ever have located on my own. To all of these, and anyone else who adds their knowledge and wisdom to this site in the future, I send a hearty THANK YOU! For if it weren't for you, this page wouldn't be half of what it is today.

Previous visitors to The Strawberry Facts Page at the original URL will note that this site has undergone a substantial face lift. In particular, each section of this site is now a separate file in an attempt to reduce the page access time for people with slower connections. Now you only need to load the strawberry information you are particularily interested in instead of everything all at once.

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Also Note:
Collecting Strawberry Facts began as a lighthearted hobby of mine. Much to my pleasure this little offshoot of my web site has been receiving rave reviews and much traffic, and so I have been trying to make this an even more interesting and useful Web Stop. With this in mind, I have tried to include as many useful links and other information as I can. However, I am still far and away from being any kind of expert on strawberries, and if it isn't on this page (or linked from this page) I probably don't know where to find it or what the answer is.

[Under Construction] However, as this page is constantly under construction, please feel free to help me to make this an even better and more useful site by letting me know about any Strawberry things I'm missing, answering some of the unanswered questions, or providing anything that you know which is somehow related to the topic of Strawberries and that you would like to see shared with the Web on The Strawberry Facts Page.

Also, feel free to ask me any Strawberry related questions. If its not here already I probably won't be able to answer right away, but I can always post your question and see what turns up.

-- strawberryJAMM ([email protected])

Awards & Recognition

Since its creation The Strawberry Facts Page has been well received throughout webspace. I have been lucky enough to have it has recognized by a few review sites. Below are a list of those places that I know about who have acknowledged it or otherwise noticed this flavourful rest stop on the information highway. You might consider checking out some of these links since these sites will frequently lead you on to a plethora of other interesting and useful sites:

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Apr 20, 1996    - Added 'strawberry' in three more languages
                - Added several questions to questions.html
                - Added some new festival information to festivals.html
                - Added link to CA. Strawberry Commission to harvests.html
                - Added nutrition and handling tips From NASGA to sustenance.html
Mar 31, 1996    - Added question on Strawberry Allergies to "Questions" page
                - Added 'strawberry' in 25 more languages 
Mar 30, 1996    - changed order of Morango/Mansikka to Mansikka/Morango
                - Added new languages to the keywords list
Mar 29, 1996    - Added strawberry in Finnish and Croatian
                - Added Portuguese as language for "Morango"
Mar 28, 1996    - Added <P> tags inside table cells so that text
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                - Added the name of the strawberry in Swedish and Danish
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Mar 25, 1996    - Second Major Overhaul and Move of URL to
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Feb 13, 1996    - Adjusted Quote to use <TT> instead of <PRE>
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Dec 10, 1995    - Major Overhaul -- new sections, new info & new links!
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Nov 13, 1995    - Added Embedded form for URL-Minder e-mail update 
                - Initial Creation of Revision History List

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