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The popularity of fractals has exploded over the last few years to the point where there are literally thousands of web sites dedicated to fractals alone. This popularity is probably due to the beauty of fractals, and the lack of complex math to understand how they are made. Many people enjoy fractals without knowing anything about the math that produces them.

However, the study of chaotic systems has a lot more to it than what can be learned from fractals alone. The aim of this site is to provide an alternative to another fractal site. Fractals are only a small part what has been discovered in the study of chaos, and the most exciting devlopments have come from another area known as non-linear dynamics. Before you are scared away by the name, this site does not go deeply into the math behind these systems. It is presented for those who want to see it, but can be skipped if math is not your thing. This site should serve as an introduction to the study of non-linear dynamical systems, and chaos theory.

The study of these systems will include many java applets. If you do not have a java capable browser, get one! I recommend Netscape.

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Iterated Maps

Continuous Systems

Non-Linear oscillators

Bifurcations in continuous systems



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