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How Many Pounds Do You Produce Each Day? 
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Cause and Effect, 
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By Rebecca Howland
We can’t just blame factories.
    Our everyday household activities—from cleaning our homes to cooking our breakfast—use energy that is releasing carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere.
     Scientists estimate that the amount of CO2 in the air is increasing 0.5 percent each year, and has risen 30 percent since the pre-industrial era. About 18 percent of the CO2 emitted by the United States each year is produced by households. In 1990, U.S. residences accounted for about 2 million pounds of CO2, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
     How many pounds of CO2 do your own daily household activities produce? Check which appliances you have at home, and, where applicable, estimate how much you use each per day. (NOTE: The calculator may not work on some browsers, including older versions of American Online)
Or, see how much CO2 you produce driving your car

Color television Air conditioner
hours/day:  # of rooms: 
Toaster  Toaster oven
times/day:  hours/day: 
Microwave oven  Coffeemaker
minutes/day:  times/day: 
Vacuum cleaner Dishwasher
hours/day:  loads/day: 
Clothes dryer Steam iron
loads/day:  hours/day: 
Refrigerator Ceiling fan
Waterbed heater Waterbed heater with thermostat

Total CO2pounds 

Data Source: National Wildlife Magazine/Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. Note: Data is based on the power requirements of common appliances, the average energy produced by Eastern and Western coal, and the assumption that all the electricity comes from coal.

How much CO2 does your car emit? 
Enter your daily miles driven and your cars mileage to calculate the number of pounds of carbon dioxide your car emits each day. 
Average daily miles:  Car's average MPG: 
Total CO2 pounds 
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